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GIPROIV are leading institute of complex engineering, designs and construction of enterprises in various industries (fibre, composite, polymers, synthetic rubbers, plastics, organic synthesis products, polyethylene terephthalate, acrylates, etc), including the technologically sophisticated facilities, and full infrastructure.

GIPROIV performs in full function of the general designer, accurately and in time develop construction documents, and implements supervision over construction.

Project management carried out on targets and timeframes of implementation, provided the necessary standards of quality and safety of the works being monitored implementation of the budget and estimates, focusing on contractual relationships and obligations, as well as the protection of safety, environmental protection, fire safety and other important parameters.

The company advises customers in all phases of the project and may take part in the installation, commissioning and putting into operation.

GIPROIV serves as the general contractor, which include the preparation of the documentation necessary to carry out all types of construction works, control and supervision of subcontracting, the organization of work on the project in accordance with design and regulatory documentation.

Today by the GIPROIV projects was build more than 100 plants, put into operation more than 70 objects of housing and civil and economic purposes, a significant amount of infrastructure.

Customer provides only unique, contemporary design, technology and construction solutions.

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