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In Moscow, the order of the number 833 People’s Commissariat of Heavy Industry of the USSR from July 1, 1935 created the General Directorate of artificial fibers (GUIV) and its composition — an independent engineering firm. Decision of the Council of People’s Commissars number 100 of December 4, 1935 approved design organization as a Head Institute for Design of artificial fibers. In 1936 GIPROIV transferred to the city of Mytishchi, Moscow region.

In 1941-1943 during World War II the Institute was evacuated in the city of Namangan, Uzbekistan.

Due to the enormous volume of design work in 1959, it was decided to establish a branch of the Institute in Kiev (Order of the State Committee of the Council of Ministers on the chemistry USSR of number 40 from January 21, 1959).

In 1935—1976, the Institute was in charge of a number of state organizations:
— People’s Commissariat of Heavy Industry of the USSR (1935—1939);
— Commissariat and the Ministry of Textile Industry of the USSR (1939—1948, 1955—1956);
— Ministry of Light Industry of the USSR (1948—1953, 1956—1957);
— Ministry of Light and Food industry of the USSR (1953);
— Ministry of Industry of consumer goods of the USSR (1953—1955);
— The RSFSR State Planning Committee (1957—1958);
— The Council of Ministers of the State Committee for Chemistry (1958—1963);
— The State Committee for Chemistry at the USSR State Planning Committee (1963);
— The State Committee of the chemical and oil industry in the USSR State Planning Committee (1963—1964);
— The State Committee of the chemical industry in the USSR State Planning Committee (1964—1965);
— Ministry of Chemical Industry of the USSR (1965—1976).

Order of the Ministry of Chemical Industry of the USSR on August 31, 1976 on the basis GIPROIV and VNIIV was established All-Union Scientific Research and Design Institute of synthetic fiber (VNIIVproekt).

In accordance with the Presidential Decree «On measures aimed at conversion of state enterprises into joint-stock companies» number 721 of July 1, 1992, Decree of the Administration of the Mytishchi district, Moscow region June 30, 1993 Institute was transformed into a Joint Stock Company «GIPROIV» with the assignment of state registration number number 325-OR.

OJSC «GIPROIV» is a member of SRO NP NEFTEGAZSERVICE, SRO NP GASO, The Russian Chemists Union, Association of enterprises in the energy sector.

Completed projects

A few years before the official date of establishment of the institute already there was a group of designers, a member of the office «Stroyvolokno». This group was formed in 1927 in connection with the construction of the first Soviet production of artificial fibers — viscose factories in Mytishchi, Leningrad, Mogilev and Klin.

The first independent work was a project of the Kiev Institute of viscose silk factory (1935-1937). At the same time was designing and construction of artificial fibers factory Kamensky and development of technical documentation production of cellophane in Klin.

In the postwar period we began to create a project for the construction of new businesses, particularly in Kamensk and Kalinin. On the Klin plant production project developed the country’s first synthetic polyamide fiber nylon. In 1946 we started designing plants, which were produced acetate fiber (Serpukhov) and copper-ammonia fiber (Kostanay), and Krasnoyarsk and Barnaul plants.

In the early 1950s carried out design and construction of carbon disulfide plants in Kalinin, Kamensky, Sokal.
In 1951 he began designing at the time the largest plant in Ryazan, producing viscose fiber.
In 1956 GIPROIV began developing the project to build the first factory specialized polyamide yarn in Chernigov. On the basis of this project it developed a typical project of the plant, which played a major role in accelerating the design process. It is possible to provide in a very short period of time the construction of factories in the cities of Daugavpils (Latvia), Volzhsky, Kursk, Shchyokino, Kemerovo (Russia) and Rustavi (Georgia). Later on the typical model developed by the project technical documentation and built factories polyamide yarns in Zhytomyr (Ukraine) and Grodno (Belarus).

At the same time carry out the design of factories in the cities of Sokal, Svetlogorsk, Cherkasy. In 1963 we started designing companies in Bulgaria for the production of polyamide yarns (Vidin) and in 1965 the viscose fibers (Svishtov).

In 1965, the Institute started to design Europe’s largest plant in Mogilev (Belarus), which produces polyester fiber.

In the 60-70s it was designed and put into operation the production of viscose staple fiber — plant «Sibvolokno» on the same court built production of special fibers — «Viscose 85».

For 75 years the staff of the Institute developed hundreds of projects that were built more than forty enterprises of chemical fiber in the country and abroad (2 for Bulgaria and 1 for Czechoslovakia), two research institutes (VNIIV and VNIISV) and other objects.

The largest GIPROIV construction project are enterprises in the cities of Mogilev, Svetlogorsk, Grodno, Polotsk (Belarus), Kiev, Cherkassy, Chernigov (Ukraine), Kaunas (Lithuania), Daugavpils (Latvia), Navoi (Uzbekistan), Balakovo, Ryazan, Engels , Kursk, Barnaul, Kemerovo, Shchyokino, Kalinin, Klin, Blagoveshchensk (Russia), Rustavi (Georgia), Vanadzor (Armenia).

In connection with the decline of the chemical fiber industry in the early 90s subjects institute has undergone significant changes. Before the team of the Institute was a task to survive, maintaining its status as one of the leading design organizations of Russia.

Having a long experience of general designer JSC «GIPROIV» engaged in designing objects otherwise profile. Many projects carried out for the Moscow region and, in particular, for the Mytishchi district. The most characteristic of them: water and steam boiler (heat output of 0.1 to 105 MW) for various objects in Moscow, Volgograd, Mytishchi, Podolsk, Railway, etc .; gas stations, points of maintenance of vehicles for the eight objects; plant for the production of thermal insulation materials for pipes in Shchelkovo; plant for the production of plastic products for the company «Terna» Mytischi; plant for the production of cables and products with their application, Mytischi; distribution center for sporting goods company «Tagis» Balashikha district, and more.

Currently running theme of GIPROIV projects significantly expanded. Implemented industrial design for a variety of industries:
— The production of artificial and synthetic fibers and filaments: from such polymers as polyethylene terephthalate, poly-e-caproamide, polyethylene, polypropylene, polycarbonate, polyurethane, etc.;
— Manufacture of fibers for special purposes;
— Manufacture of synthetic resins;
— of plastics;
— Manufacture of glass-fiber materials, glass and articles thereof;
— Manufacture of composite materials;
— of nonwoven and geosynthetics.

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