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GIPROIV provides design and construction of plants (and objects) in various industries, including the technologically sophisticated facilities:
— Chemical and petrochemical industries;
— Production of chemical fibers;
— Manufacture of composite materials;
— Manufacture of plastics;
— Technological installations petrochemical processes;
— Instrument-making facilities;
— Power generation facilities, including boilers;
— Waste treatment plants of industrial enterprises;
— Plants of different sectors of industry;
— Industrial buildings, manufacture buildings and warehouses;
— Linear structures (bridges, roads, gas pipelines, high and low pressure, storm sewer).

Full range of industrial design includes:
— Study and approval of the initial data;
— Technical specifications;
— Technical and commercial proposals;
— Preliminary engineering survey;
— Development of sketches of projects;
— Preparation all sections of construction documents, including special sections: engineering civil defense and emergency situations (engineering civil defense measures, measures for the prevention of emergencies);
— Calculation of the local, object estimates;
— Complete calculation of the estimated construction cost of the project;
— Environmental impact assessment (EIA);
— Protection of the environment (HSE);
— A declaration of industrial safety (IVG);
— Development of projects of sanitary protection zones (SPZ), maximum permissible emissions (MPE), standards for waste and limits on their placing (DWGNDL);
— Packaging, organization and support expertise of project documentation in the Governmental organisations (GlavGosExpertisa, etc);
— Author’s supervision.

Development of operational documentations include the following:
— Emergency response plans;
— Regulations;
— Simulators and Information 3D-models of highly dangerous production facilities in compliance with the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Provide full support for the construction and operation, namely:
— Planning and control of time and resources to perform the work with the system scheduling;
— Organization and implementation of modern electronic document management which corresponds all the requirements of modern organizations;
— Implementation services and support 3D-archive, design and engineering information on the basis of VNET-portal of AVEVA.

Currently used three-dimensional design on the basis of solutions AVEVA and technological simulation based on AspenTech HYSYS:
— The construction of three-dimensional models and production systems, using PDMS system from AVEVA;
— Development of training simulators;
— Calculation and simulation of technological processes and equipment.

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